CES 2018: Razer Unveils Project Linda

The Linda project is an interesting concept of a 13.3-inch laptop (or more of a docking station for a smartphone) based on Razer Phone. A hybrid laptop is according to Razer is the new era of portable computers that combines the familiar Android environment with the ease of use of a laptop. Razer Linda connects the Razer Phone smartphone with the case, transforming the phone into a touchpad or an additional screen for quick access to applications, tools or other functions.

The 13.3-inch touch screen QuadHD is able to display a 120Hz image. Inside the laptop there is a battery with a capacity of 53.6Wh, which powers the notebook and at the same time serves as a powerbank for the phone (able to recharge the phone up to over 3 times). There was also a QWERTY keyboard with Razer Chroma RGB backlight. In addition, the laptop has a 200GB disk, for example for backing up files from the phone, or for storing photos and applications.

The whole is enclosed in an aluminum housing, 15 mm thick and weighing 1.5 kg. On the housing there are such connectors as: 3.5mm jack socket, USB-A port, USB-C charging port, in addition, the laptop has a built-in 720p camera and a two-channel microphone.