CES 2018: Razer Announces Chroma Lighting For Philips Hue

Razer has revealed a partnership that will introduce its Chroma lighting technology to Philips Hue lights. Allowing people to effectively put pulsing RGB lighting in their entire homes.

The Philips Hue line of home lighting is a series of WiFi connected lights that can be controlled from a single location. This covers an entire range of lightbulbs, lightstrips, and even standalone lamps. It can technically already cover a range of different colours and lighting conditions on its own, thanks to the Hue lights being capable of projecting 16 million different colours.

What Razer brings to the table with Chroma is integration with both the Synapse 3 control panel and the Chroma Studio app. Synapse 3 should be familiar to all those who use Razer products. It’s been expanded to be able to control individual Hue lights, allowing gamers to control the room lighting without having to get up.

Chroma Studio adds the ability to control lighting effects for all Chrome equipped devices. Which seems to mean that Razer wants gamers to synchronise the pulsing lights on their keyboards with the rest of the room. This should probably come with an epilepsy warning.

For the most part, this isn’t really a new product. It’s simply an integration of Philips Hue technology with the Razer Chroma. Providing customers with another method of controlling their home lighting. Of course, Hue lights also work with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit.