Xbox One and PC Controller – Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition

Razer reveals a new version of the pad for Xbox One – created for professional players. The new pad version retains the ergonomic design and all the features that were praised in the event of the Wolverine Ultimate pad. The TE version also introduces some improvements, such as the Mecha-Tactile Action Buttons, which combine the softness of pressing membrane keys with a characteristic click of mechanical switches. Thanks to the Synapse for Xbox One software, the player has the option of any configuration of the pad.

The multifunction buttons can be mapped in over 500 different ways to suit the individual style of each player. Additionally, it is possible to change the sensitivity of the knobs thanks to the “focus” and “agile” modes, which allows to increase the accuracy of aiming or reaction speed. The pad is equipped with Razer Chroma backlight, which can be freely changed from the Synapse for Xbox One software. The pad is also compatible with PC (Windows 10).

The cost of the Wolverine Tournament Edition is 139.99 € and is available for purchase at